Over 30 years of history:

The Pipes and Drums of the Atlantic Watch is a family-inclusive cultural organization devoted to promoting Celtic heritage and traditions through musical instruction and performances.  Founded in 1993, while the band’s roots are Scottish it is distinctly American in its diversity. Members are individuals of all ages, representing a wealth of backgrounds brought together by a common desire to perpetuate the rich musical heritage of the Celtic people through piping and drumming. 




Humble Beginnings:

From a founding member’s backyard to the Neptune First Aid Hall to Red Bank elementary school to our present location at the Red Bank Elks, the band has played regularly around central New Jersey as well as the mid-Atlantic region in hundreds of parades and events.  In addition, the band has played with distinction in Hawaii, New Orleans, Scotland, Bermuda and Nova Scotia. 



After playing over the years at so many Ceremonies and Parades, we were honored to be named The Official Pipe and Drum Band for the Borough of Red Bank.



We have even met Prince Charles!





From our then Pipe Major about Prince Charles, “He’s a very nice man. He has a good handshake, not like a dead fish or wishy-washy; it was very firm. I felt he was talking to me rather than at me. And he had good eye contact.”



Membership in the Atlantic Watch is free and open to all.  All that we ask of our members is that they participate in band events.