Introducing a limited-edition masterpiece that harmonizes tradition, precision, and artistic flair – The professionally framed bass drumhead proudly featuring the emblem of the Pipes and Drums of the Atlantic Watch!



SIZE: 32 ½”x 32 ½” x 2 ¼”

WEIGHT: 9 lbs

The band’s emblem is not just an image; it’s the heart of its musical identity.


Inspired by the rich heritage of the Atlantic Watch, the frame package is designed to complement the nautical spirit of the logo. The fusion of deep black, sharp reds and polished finishes creates a stunning visual centerpiece that pays homage to the unique character of the Atlantic Watch.

Looking for the ultimate gift to celebrate a milestone or express gratitude to a band member or fan? The professionally framed bass drumhead is a thoughtful and cherished present that symbolizes the unity and shared passion within the bagpipe band. Celebrate the camaraderie and musical journey of the Pipes and Drums of the Atlantic Watch with a gift that transcends the ordinary. Make memories that last a lifetime!

These framed Bass Drumheads are priced to reflect the exclusivity of this offer at $500.

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